Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas and 2010.

Early celebration for the new years and late celebration for xmas at Jono's.

Guitar hero ftw, we sucked so bad, died in about 10 seconds in haha.

The family portait. (Lyna, Qouc, Alan, Jacqui, Victoria, Sarah and Me).

Me and Vivian, we look like we're pissed off lol.

Christmas photo.

Heart face, we've become so creative with our photoes lol. Strawberry faces, if Sarah ever uploads the photoes.

Qouc, Lyna and Me. (intruding haha)

Gossiping and planning another event on the balcony haha.

Me and Uncle, his drunk haha kept trying to make me drink, and telling me to drive responsibly haha.

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