Saturday, January 30, 2010

I was right.

Just had the urge to share these two epic photoes haha.
I have something on my mind at this moment, so im going to blog it. Where the heck is everyone tonight? and i learnt something just 5 minutes ago. I'm too nice, despite how i express my actions, im still nice. Someones been on my mind lately, not in a cant get her off my mind type of way, but a, i dont know how much longer i can tolerate this person kinda way.

Most people arnt afraid to let them know, but i for one, i keep my own feelings to myself. Perhaps its bad, but in my defense, why would you want to know that someone doesnt like you? haha yeh i get alot of "you cant start something and not finnish it" but its time to go rogue.

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