Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inspiration! *-*

Haha so it seems lately i have been putting less effort into my blogs. Filling it up with countless photoes, little comments and less rabble. But it seems some people enjoy reading my blog, and some find my blog randomly, but either way, i will continue to blog more frequently, and more of my own philosophies. haha thanks Bec. I wonder which other randoms view my blogs haha.

People reading about my life, my encounteres, my problems. It's like i'm the main character in a movie, it's a nice image to have. Anyway i'd like to finnish this blog off with a recommended song.

MSTRKRFT ft John Legend - Heartbreaker

remember when I caught your eye
you gave me rainbows and butterflies
we did enjoy our happiness ?
when our love was over
I was such a mess

I smiled at you
and you smiled back
that´s when I knew
there ain´t no turning back
you said you loved me
and I did too
now though it´s over
I still love you 

1 comment:

  1. i am a small philosopher by my own right ....but u seem to be much better than me....!!