Sunday, March 22, 2009

Want or Need? O- o'

It seems from this point on, it only gets harder and more complicated. i find myself contradicting myself and getting into more screwed up situations. Although im managing quite well, i have slipped and fell alot during the past months mentally and spiritually. Right now, im just trying to sustain my goal. It seems that im an unleashed wild dog let loose. Right now, i have to think before my actions, hesitate before i speak, and be sure that no matter how badly i fall, i'll climb back up. I just need to get past this year, yet so many distractions and exceptions.

Comparing to previous years, i have handled things differntly, until this year, im trying to take order into my own hands and not from the core. Despite what others say and think, why does it seem that the simple things in life always gets chosen over the harder things in life? its like asking. why is it that what we want, can replace what we need? Perhaps its all in the comphrehension of satisfaction.

lalalallalalalala stick with the long term goal. (Y)

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