Sunday, March 29, 2009

Save me! D:

Okay, i decided to blog, because i just currently noticed my state of mind is really messed up, and when i say messed up, i mean not in the right sense or in any sense at all. I was suppose to go to state libray the past 2 days to get away from distractions but i somehow managed to avoid the library which is really bad in my case. Im even using music, Ab work outs and television as distractions, i need a miracle, i need to get my act straight before i screw up uni.

I need something to whack some senses into me, something to get me determined and be more persistent throughout the year. Right now, im making a very slow productive progress, in fact its so slow, i dont think it shud be considered progressing at all. Where is my mind? When did i lose it? I cant seem to focus, or do anything right these days. Then again, i feel like a completely differnt person, not the person i was last year, although in the same characteristics.

Dear God, if you're reading this, which you are because your probably making me write this out right now to contradict myself. Save me from distractions and other whack things that spoil my mind. Fix my state of mind, make me stronger, give me a goal. I need to get my act straight fast, and time is going against me, I need your miracle work *-*

God, if you may, could you forcefully make me study, try hard, think before i do things, and just fix that broken gear inside me, somethings screwing up my focus and i need you do to something about it, because in my current state, i'll jsut be making excuses for it. Save me from this sin.

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