Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hoi sing sauce! *-*

Omg right now im craving pho!
Pho + Hoi sing sauce = satisfaction. I cant wait til thursday just so i can go eat it. Never knew vietnamese cuisine was so good. (Y)
Last thursday i was eating pho with a past year 12 friend and Elysia walks pass and sees me eating the bowl clean lol, yeh quite embarassing, so we decided to go eat pho the coming thursday and it turns out raf askd wen xian to come eat this week aswell so we're gona eat it this thursday :D And then coincidentally talking about food with Zoe yesterday, turns out she should be joining us aswell if she doesnt wait on pheobe. I wonder who created hoi sing sauce *-*
right now i can smell migoreng *-* im starving D;
ps: it tastes better then it looks lol, + 2jugs of hoi sing sauce *-* = omg

1 comment:

  1. haha you practically squeeze the whole bottle of hoisin sauce into your soup! ewwww xp

    thursday was great. lets go out for lunch with the rest again some time!