Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today, he drove successfully. (:

Today i went driving for an hour in my shit mobile, it was fun apart from having my pmsed mother scolding me every second when i thought i did a dam well good job of turns, signals and maintaining to drive straight. One thing i hate about my mum, when she talks, she bitches and screams in the car, and she daggers me, now how am i suppose to focus when someone is yelling in my ear and putting me down? And thats exactly why i almost rammed into a pole, because you distracted my focus. ==

Next time, trust in your own son more, no doubt, i dont doubt myself, i bet i could be pro at this in like a week lol. Heck i even had the balls to drive home and park lol, funny thing was, we were driving around ingle farm shopping market and there was another white chick in the same shoes as me but probably in her 30's, we were at an intersection and i signaled to turn right, and she stops and waves for me to turn, so i turn, and my mum starts bitching at me, "RAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAH!!!!!!! bastard!" and im just like, *-* she offerd for me to make my right turn, and my mum goes no matter what they say or do, you give way at a T-intersection and i was like, well if that was you, you

'd do the same and she responds by saying, your still an underling. == oh and btw my right turn was perfect i jsut have trouble keeping in mind, one drives up and the other lane drives down. other than that, i'll be on my P's soon if my mum stays off my back and stops pmsing when im driving.

Yay for a hour drive and learning how to park, turn, signal, turn on the car, turn on lights, use the mirrors and turning off the car in the appropiate manner. (Y) now i can add 2hours into my log book, thats right i just made 200% interest! (Y)

well that was my day, driving and being bitched at to the face, its not so pleasent i wish someone else thats more calm and less pmsd could teach me rather than my mother who no doubt has no trusts in her only successful son. (Y)

yay for me! and this is my shit mobile. (Y) Not bad for a first car hey? lol nah i wish i had that car. (N)

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