Sunday, October 24, 2010

Suit-UP! day.

so the day was a Wendesday, which marked the international suit up day, in memory if Barney Stinson (from how i met your mother)
The stalking. (we had to role play gay couples, i have no idea why).
 And the proposal. I've never done anything so gay in my entire life. Should check out the footage on Elysias Tumblr. i dont know the link to it unfortunately haha. 
A super nice photo of June, this shot totally captured the natural beauty haha. She deny's it, but i know she likes the photo haha ;)

Was a super fantastic day. The previous night, at 2am, after my DOTA game, i decide to pop on msn, and Zhen instantly messages me to Suit-UP! and so i agreed. Worrying he would bail on me, i decided to rock up in school uniform, and shoving my suit inside my bag. On the bus to town, i get a call from elysia telling me to go into the botanics becuase they want to do a photoshoot. 

What they didnt tell me was, it was a Gay photoshoot. But never-the-less it was fun. We got to do some acting, found some ducks, had a awesome director, and best of all, got to do it all with good friends. 

And so the day followed on slowly, which then lead to the idea of having uniform day. 

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