Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Zoo Girl. [=

So yesterday marked the birthday of my dear friend Zoe. 
Okay, so i dont have any photoes of me and Zoe. But i've also know her for a short while, for about 3 years, slightly longer than Phoebe. And i just thought i'd share some memories and thoughts here. She was one of my favorite people to talk to, but i havnt spoken to her properly since. life happened haha. 

But, it was her that got me to give church a go. And because of that, my life has transcended into the me i am today haha. That can only be good or bad haha. But i am very content with where i am today, and a large proportion of it is because of Zoe. 

I remember when we use to chat for like 8+ hours a day. And she was always there for me to talk to. now thats a wonderful friend. 

i was blessed, and because of her i found God. i dont know if you still read my blog Zoe, but i owe you a huge thanks and you probably dont know how much you helped me out at the time. But you did, and i will always be grateful [= 

Thanks so much, and hope you had a super fantasticly blessed birthday [= 

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