Sunday, October 24, 2010

My favourite Pigeon

Happy birthday Phoebe [= 
I've know her for a short time, maybe 2-3 years, and i have never heard her complain about anything, your one of the most positive people i know [= 

Hope you had a super fantastic one [= 

Me and my most favorite nemesis. Got to catch up with her at phoebes, i only get to see her once in a full moon. And i must say, she reminds me of how jerky i've gotten haha. It began with her, my transition from being nice to a jerk, i'm not blaming her, i'm just saying, she made it fun. haha [=

And so, came the King of Jerks.


  1. HAHAHA i like this post very very very much. you remind me of how nice i really am. see you at the next full moon. of course you don't blame me, i never encouraged your jerkyness. haha or did i?

  2. hahahaha i think you did :P and i bet you enjoyed every second of it :P