Sunday, June 27, 2010


So i was webcamming with my family today. And i've gotta say, im a totally different person when it comes to family haha. My auntie was like "oh my you grew up so hansome, come over so i can pick you a girlfriend" and because my chinese sucks so bad, all i could say was "not neccesary".

She was like when you come to china, theres gonna be rows and rows of girls to choose from, i spent the entire webcam session laughing lol. why would i want a fob gf haha.

Moral of the post, family gives the best compliments haha.
The modern family series is a recommendation if you havnt seen it. Its absolutely hilarious. I just love the dad. Infact it makes me want a father, and want to be the type of dad that just has alot of fun. Kim was saying she could see me as one of em dads, cus im such a retard, i took it as a compliment. The adopted baby "Lily" is so adorable aswell. A series well worth watching. [=

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