Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's all about having fun. [=

At this age, all i want to do is have fun. I've finnished exams, and holidays have began for me, however, most my friends are still facing exams. So Friday night, i went to bug my friends studying, we ended up making prank calls which was really funny.

We played black and white, first one out, gets to do the prank. Kim Ta lost twice, i will see if i can upload the video, cus it was hilarious. [=
And so because of Kims misfortune, we thought we'd do 1-2 prank calls aswell. Because thats what friends are for right? to laugh with you, and at you.

So if somethings bad, make it good. Make it into something you can laugh about, and you'll have fun. Thats how i live.

If someone else feels down, make them laugh. if you screw up, just laugh, laugh it off. Everythings better when its funny.

Unfortunately the video recordings were too big a file, however, if you would like to view them, feel free to ask me anytime. They are quite amusing if you ask me ;)

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