Monday, June 14, 2010

Kim Ta got PLOCKed!

At UniSA we are very competitive people. We are in-fact many things. In-fact many things define us. Such as Tetris, PLOCK, 13, Uno, Dares, Connect 4, rock paper scissors, black and white (or should i say "Yellow and Yellow") haha, hide and go seek, smarty pants, chair racing, fb harrassment, jelly bean fights, gym, foosball, air hocky, pool, ice soccer, and of course bubble tea.

We are known for many things. such as:

Kim Ta: King of Uno, King of Connect 4, King of Slaps.
Pan Li: King of Jerk, King of 13, King of PLOCK, King of Smartypants.
Chris Voung: King of Tetris, King of Pool.
Thong Ho: King of Jerk, King of Hide and seek, King of fb harrassment, and the King of the Gym.
Kevin Miao: King of Jerk, King of bullshit, King of Foosball.
Delphine Thiu: King of Jerk.
Clara Nguyen: King of Rock, paper, scissors.
Thao Nguyen: King of dares.
Mei Shi: King of Jelly bean guessing.