Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So recently i had a dream about my primary school friends Skye and Brooke, also known as the twins. It reminded me about their friendship. They were the only people i looked foward to seeing, basicly they were my motivation to go to school.

And the dream made me think, i need friends like them in my life, so i immediatly went onto facebook to try and find them. Unfortuantely luck wasnt on my side. But that didnt stop me, i knew i dreampt about them for a reason. And 2 days after the dream, i happened to bump into Brooke at UniSA.

Just seeing her, makes me happy that she is still the same person, polite, social, and just the way i remember her as. Like just so happy they turned out to be good people. I will now try to re-establish our friendship to how it was since primary school graduation.

Unfortunately i dont have a photo of them. But yeh, thats whats on my mind this moment in time. An old friend, with old memories.

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