Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thank you. (:

oh i havn't spoken to anyone about how i feel, or what i want for so long. It feels so great to have someone to listen to and talk to. I'm more confused. You know, if she actually reads my blog, i just wanna say that, last week, i felt that there could be something wrong in your life, so i made a prayer to God, that if anything, through him, i can help you bring change for the better into your life. But actually you actually helped me. And this was unexpected because i thought i was on top of the game. But infact, i'm as vulnerable as everyone else is.

We've actually had quite a past. I should be able to repay you back. Sometimes its overkill, but you're actually really nice to me. Thanks. Its hard to show appreciation, but i am grateful. Maybe i can learn alot from this. Thank you God, i pray that you will always be with us, and help us through the good and bad, because you won't give us anything we can't handle right? (:

And because i'm a chistian, that through his blessings on me, you will be blessed.

& i will be able to change your life around. Because i feel that it is my purpose in life that God has given me, to change the lives of those who are lost or broken. Thanks for being there for me.

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