Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fuck you Harvard!

How many people out there rekons the Harvard referencing system suck balls? yeh, i bet you all do. It is the most Ma Fan system out there, more Ma Fan than Jaime Ma Fan.... why so Ma Fan la? =.=
Reference that Harvard! btw Peter (2010) stated recently that you suck balls and nobody likes you? not even the law students. Why do you make life so ma fan........ if it wasnt for you, we'd all be successful students.... i hope your happy, and that you go to hell for making life hell for us. You Seriously suck ass and one day i hope you come to realise how many suicides you've caused, maybe then you will be less of a dick.

Ps: i hope i get a HD for this.

Reference List:
Peter, L 2010, 'Go fuck yourself harvard referencing system', Blogster, viewed 16 May 2010,

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