Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thank you Lord.

Alcohol is not a good friend when you've had abit too much haha. All that was going through my mind was "becareful of what you do" because everything has its consequences. Sometimes the best way to avoid those circumstances when you feel something stupid might happen is to run away. Where was Thong or Kevin to save me from  almost making a mistake? haha, i was very well in control anyway. Though temptation is a very cunning enemy, i should be more careful.
so tempting haha. Alcohol + temptation are the worse enemies you could have haha. on the other hand last night was absolutely Legendary. was nice seeing Jaime, Justine, Tansy and Cyrus there. and of course the aweomse pharmacy students and the coolest white boy in town Ron.

Didnt get to release a certain dolphin back into the ocean, but we did beat up a viet. All i remember from last night is that, serena kept making me drink, i had epic sword fights with michelle and lost. I got nipple crippled and nipple crippled some people back. taking alot of photoes with many friends onboard. making many new friends, chatting to a random halfcast. starting trouble with alot of my friends haha. Giving dolphin a piggy back ride, doing some dance with daniel, taking alot of photoes with Eeshin. Going to AB's.

haha last night was definiatly, once in a full moon. Love you guys.

And most important of all, Thanks God, for always answering my prayers and coming to my aid when i really needed you. I havn't been to church in oh so long, but i know your always watching me like a father watches his son. I am so blessed.

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