Sunday, May 2, 2010

SAPSA Pharmacy cruise. :D

Last friday marked the most legendary day of this year, so far. SAPSA's Pharmacy cruise. The night involved alcohol, dancing, loud music, lots and lots of friends, and of course a variety of food. And with food comes photoes. So many highlights of the night, which i wont go through. But it was indeed very fun, and a very interesting night of experience haha.

Some photoes of the cruise.
Salute to the American race. my favourite white boy Ron.
Me and Delphine. my awesome Frienemy.
Me and Eeshin. the super cute girl.
And of course the King of Jerks by order (clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades).

Made so many new friends that night, met some old high school friends. Bashed a few people, drank shots with some really good friends, danced on the dance floor, and best of all, it was all on a cruise.

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