Monday, February 8, 2010

Simon Says: ??????

Simon Says: .... without any reference, and without copying, draw a freehand map of Australia.
Peter's Head: mmmz, i gotz this! i gotz this!
Simon Says: Draw a picture of someone in the group, exxagerated.
Peters Head: Haha! time to draw Wen-Xian! yes! haha, doo di doo di doo o.o
ta da!
Wen-Xian: Waaaah! ohh my gosh! it so resembles me! that is so cool lah! 
Peter: haha! you better keep that drawing! Notice how much effort i put into it to attach your unique resemblence? 
Wen-Xian: haha, i will, omg hur! hur! hur!  (Because thats how she laughs, so funny how she laughs, just like how Melissa counts to Tree haha!)
Peter: hur! hur! hur! (mimicing Wen-Xian) haha.
Grin! because i put more effort than others, thank you. haha
Simon Sais: The game that never ended. It has so many fail jokes. Quite a good game, only good if play with the right crowd. That includes me haha. We should play again next time haha. doo di doo o.o

Good night everyone, i finally updated my blog, but without the philosophical stuff, aka the intersting stuff :P to be continued haha.

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