Monday, February 8, 2010

Epic Bike Skating Day. (:

9:00am Ring! Ring! "Hallooo?"
Elysia: Hey Pitterrr, want to meet up and go to town together for biking?
Peter's Head: oh shit!
10:40am Ring! Ring! Hello?
Elysia: Hey Peter, where are you?
Peter: I'm in town, give me 5.
I'm here!
And so began an epic journey to West Beach. Fed some love ducks on the way. I would hope they passed some love on to me haha.
Reached Check point 1: Dynasty arena. Seriously it looked like the type of battle field chinese warriors battled on haha.
Check point 2: Channel 7 station. Our one in many rest points.
Check point 3: arrival in pony island. Weee omg! a horse!!! I shall call you sparky, and you shall be mine. ewww! its sneezing out snot! Horse flu!! omg omg! time to use my most protective icon! KFC wash towl!
Check Point 4: Arrival at West beach. Found some random pink panties, and started throwing it on justines face/head and sabataging her bike.
The 2 King of Jerks. haha, for being a jerk, my bike developed a flat tire during my witness of a fail reverse car crash. Biked it 1 and a half hours back non stop on wheels that had double the friction power.
back to Check point 0: We made it back alive and well. So whose up for ice skating tonight? me! me! me! me! me! omg! im so getting some coconut juice! What an adventure!

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