Monday, February 8, 2010

Ice Arena. Following friday.

haha ice skating was so epic. stacked it once. and won the push race, it was hilarious. When we swapped, i was laughing so much infront of the crowd, wasnt even paying attention. Teaching people how to reverse skate haha.
Everyone: Peter, why do you always do the thumbs up? facepalm* (omg! this is killing my legs! hurry! take take!) Had to fulffil Vi's last request, teach Wei Jung how to skate, and make sure she skates. haha that was quite fun, reverse skating comes in handy in those circumstances.
Peter's head: scored! my new signature pose! haha (:
Hey! Wei jung! can i try this on? its so weird! haha is this how you put it on?
Wei Jung: Here, ******************
Peter: how do i look? it feels soooo weird haha
Wei Jung: there! now you look korean.
Raf: Yoink! Wei Jung can i have your hat?
Peters head: stupid raf, steal my hat :O

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