Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whack day. (:

So today was a very interesting day, although i love church and the people i hang with at church, i thought i'd pass todays service and attend my friends birthday celebration, having korean bbq and with intentions of going to the fringe festival but ended up going to a bar.
I've never had so muc beef in my life and Elysia jsut kept bringing them in, but was an awsome night, nice to see wen xian there and vy and eunice dont really see them much.

For the birthday cake we had this massive chocolate moose cake, was so dam sweet but delicious. Ended up arm wrestling and losing $10 lol gotta work out more XD
but yeh, but what made the day interesting and whack was, discovering that i attracted the same sex == yep its true, my friends were telling me to becareful cus this guy in my course, thinks i have a nice body and sum other whack thoughts which i do not intend to publish on this "PG" webpage.

I gues my fears have finally caught up with me, im vulnerable lol, nah aslong has i hang with a group of chicks and carry pepper spray i'll be safe jk. psh i can take care of myself and either way i have back ups, Zoe, Cheryl, Cherie, Sarah, Sharon and Vic sniper me the moment before i turn queer lol. nah okay so mayb it is shocking to discover i have a threat to my sexuality, but aslong as i dont pursue it im safe, right? lol

anyway was an awsome day, Happy bday Raf, Yuey, Martin and Mary. hip hip hooray!

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