Thursday, February 26, 2009

The mask is slipping. (:

If you were given a second chance to re-direct your life, would you make the same decision knowing that it could be a better purpose this time, or would you make the change and chose the other option, one you feel that could change your life completely.

Ive been provided a second chance, not only to find myself but to have something good, worth understanding/living for. How will i re-direct myself? Truth is, im afraid to make the decision. Either way its a win win direction, i'll end up somewhere enjoying myself but, where do i start?

I dont think i have the courage to re-diret my life the way i think i should, so im going ot hang tight and gaze upon my life as it drifts past me and hitch a ride when im ready for the final lap.

Decisions are all so complicated, if only i could time travel. Even if i could i probably wouldnt change pathways.

If only, God made the decisions for us, but he gave us free will to live and to live in his son Jesus. I gues everyone else has their own story and this in mine. As slowly as it unfolds, i'll keep in mind that time is against me.

The mask is slipping.*

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