Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taking a break from xanga.

Wow blogster is so differnt to xanga, its abit neater but less functions.
I've decided to ditch xanga and come here, that page of mine has too much retarded information about my past from the past year, which i would rather forget. I should change all my xanga posts to private but im too lazy, atleast i can start fresh here. (:

Its currently 1am and i have Oweek 2molo at 12, i dont feel like attending cus its 35degrees 2molo ==
Im so exausted, my arms are sore and my back is like retarded cus i went to the gym with my brother andy, we're pretty close as siblings, closer than my older brother, but what ive always desired and wanted was a younger sister, why couldnt i have one T_T

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