Friday, February 27, 2009

Too many books!

After going shopping i thought i'd buy Cheryl a book, to take responsibilty for the one she lent me.
So i was looking at 9 differnt books all by Jodi Picoult cus she is such an awsome author. I decided to buy her "Tenth circle" but turns out Cheryl had alredy read it, so i went back to exchange the book.

I read the blurbs of all the book and got so addicted, i felt like buying 5 of them, but thought i'd buy 2 and come back for the others another time, so i decided to buy, "mercy" and "keeping faith" i began reading the keeping faith book and wow its pretty dam good oredy.
giving cheryl the "Mercy" one, man that blurb makes me wana read it aswell lol, but i havnt even finnished "twilight - new moon" yet ==

Gotta fuel my addictions.

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