Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's amazing how certain circumstances can bring out a change of character in oneself. Perhaps it's always been there, or perhaps it's been awaken. More so it's because certain people take you for granted for what your worth as a whole. It's because certain people aren't after the type of person you are but the type of benefits your relationship brings them. Whether it be, reputation, new friends, events, benefits. 
 And it's after accepting all the shit that's gone down, to realise that this relationship is never gonna change. That you finally snap and decide to fight for what you deserve. Respect. I don't have the time to care for everyone around me any more, nor do I have the time to try to fix everything with an apology that isn't deserved.

I'm a very reasonable person at that. I'm forgiving, yet hard to forgive and forget. I move on when needed. But to think that I'll lower my worth to someone/or people that take me for granted. I don't think so.

This has brought out another character in me. The one I've been holding back. I use to be such a good Christian, such a good person. And then you get those people that step all over you and take you for granted.

I use to have so much love. May be God will bring me back to the happy times. 

You've only done wrong, if you feel guilty. And I don't feel guilty, nor do I feel righteous. 

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