Monday, April 19, 2010

It is what it is.

haha tonight deserves a blog. recently everythings been brilliant, just fantastic. Everything is still brilliant thats the thing. Its because i've fit in perfectly to a new group of friends. Forming a mini-organization called the King of Jerks consisting of me, kevin, thong and jeff. anywho, i have a question which id like myself to answer truthfully if i may. "Is it wrong to have too much fun?"

I've been having alot of fun lately, and uni has been working in my favour. I get to see people who i love each day, and each day is always something new. The purpose of this blog, is to remind myself that, my nature is changing. I've finally pursued the alcoholic and clubbing footpath. I havnt really put much attention to older friends lately, nor spoken openly and helpfully, tonight was a good night. I felt more myself.

Its good to be re-assured that i'm still me, for the time being anyway. I do feel like this part of me is going to disapear, or not show itself very frequently. So few people know both my king of Jerk and kind side. Oh life is full of surprises, wonderful people continue to surround me. 

And for the entire last year, i kept thinking to myself, when am i going to find a new crowd? UniSA-West is a real big shit hole. But you know what? if i didnt feel like shit then, i wouldnt have learnt to cherish these moments more now. It takes a real long time and alot of patience if your expecting a real big blessing. So glad i made it out intacted. 

Thank you God, provider, guide, lover, friend, father, i am blessed.

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