Monday, March 1, 2010


Whats the only thing in life thats worth waiting for? The majority would respond with "Love". I cant justify that answer. I would, if i could, unfortunatly, im also part of the majority. I'm open to interpretation, however, if you have a better response, let me know.

Its hard to come up with just one greater answer, yet an equivelent response. So thats whats ticking in my mind in this moment in time. haha i know this isnt new information, but what the heck, i need an urgent update!


  1. to say love would be a lie, to say true-love could be a dissappointment if you never found it.

    dont wait for anything, dont wait for things to happen, dont wait for that "someone" to come by. go out and make it happen, rock the boat, find that someone who you always want to be around and couldnt live a moment without.

    time is of the essence, and time waits for no one.

  2. haha well said. i like your perspective.